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A Brief History
Our mission is to continue the work our founders began back in 1934; spreading the truth of the word of God to all the world!
Belief Statements
It is of paramount importance that our Church’s foundation be built upon a biblically accurate interpretation of God’s teachings.
Order Literature
All of our materials are available to you absolutely FREE of charge. We also have a mailing list which provides sermons on DVD.
We would love for you to participate in our ministries by supporting the work! Please consider a partnership with us!
         his is the COGWWM bulletin board. Any important news and info regarding the          Church will be posted below. Please check back here often as we are always updating our site with inspired and exciting content from the word of God!
         elcome to our newly redesigned site! Feel free to take a look around and see how          things have changed. This is where all our previous content can be found (in addition to several new areas), all of which is presented in an easy-to-use layout. Whether you’re hoping to order literature, watch episodes of The World Tomorrow, or check the dates of the Annual Holy Days; you’ll find that all here and much more! We’d also like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who’ve either subscribed to our mailing list or donated to the Church. It’s people like you that allow us to continue doing God’s work, and your support is greatly appreciated!
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